Top 10 Songs in UK January 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Songs in UK of January 2017, Even though the U.K. has their own individual song market, they do share a lot in common with U.S.’s music industry. Both countries use Billboard charts to rank artists and many of the performers are popular within the U.S. and in the U.K.

In modern times, when an artist releases a song, they have to ensure that it has a universal appeal. In other words, it cannot just apply to people within the U.K. it also must appeal to English markets in the states, Canada and even in Australia. This is important for ensuring artist success.

Top 10 Songs in UK January 2017

Record companies know they can reach more people and make more money by allowing their songs to move into international territories. The U.K. is no different. Here is a look at the top 10 songs within the U.K. Keep in mind that many of these tunes are big hits in the states, Canada and in other parts of the world.

Here we present the list of top 10 Songs in UK January 2017.

10. Hailee Steinfeld & Grey Featuring Zedd presents Starving

The thing about Hailee Steinfeld is that she is a young Los Angeles native that has been around for a few years. Her song starving is a great piece that has helped to cement her career at an early age. She is just getting started and she is off to great beginning. Zedd is a record producer and musician that has ties to both Russia and Germany. Together, their international hit starving has broken into the top 10 charts in 2016. The song is so hot that it is still doing good in January of 2017.

9. Bruno Mars presents 24K Magic

This is a hot tune that is making its rounds throughout the world. It has broken into the number 10 spots within many countries all over the world. People in the U.K. love this tune and they enjoy having fun rocking to it at the club. This song is a wonderful dance tune that is guaranteed to make a party a live event. Bruno Mars is a great hit making performer who really knows how to entertain on a grand scale. U.K. people can expect this song to really jam for a long time in 2017.

8. Chainsmokers featuring Halsey presents Closer

This is a great song that many people can relate to. It is a song about two ex-lovers that find their way back to each other after a long absence. Once they are back together – they rekindle their long lost love. This is a simple tune that many people can relate to on a basic level. Even if they do not have a significant long lost love they can still jam to Closer. Chainsmokers outdid themselves with this tune and in January of 2017 this song still continues to rock.

7. Maroon 5 featuring Kendrick Lamar presents Don’t Wanna Know

Maroon 5 is a great boy band and Kendrick Lamar is a fantastic West Coast hip hop artist. They teamed up to produce Don’t Wanna Know which is a song with a fantastic and upbeat sound. Maroon 5 is a big band in the U.K. and Kendrick Lamar holds his own with U.K. fans as well. Don’t Wanna Know is a great dance hit that will keep people having fun at the club for many hours on end.

6. Why by Andra

The song Why by Andra is a powerful hit in the U.K. Andra’s name might not be that popular within the states but she is powerhouse Romanian performer that has been around since 2000s. Her song Why is a great song that speaks of losing love and trying to move on to something new. Andra’s song is unique because this artist appears on the U.K. charts but is not necessarily hot in other parts of the English speaking world. However, if she crossed over into the states, Canada or Australia – her song would probably be well received within those nations too.

5. Little Mix by Shout Out to My Ex

A short time ago in 2011 a U.K. girl group was discovered on the U.K.’s popular musical talent show, X-Factor. Since that time – this group has gone on to become highly rated performers. Little Mix captures the 5th spot on the U.K. charts in January of 2017. Their song Shout Out to My Ex is a great jam that is loaded with lots of ex-hating lyrics and a bunch of women having a good time putting their ex’s down. Shout Out to My Ex is an ex (male) put down that many women really enjoy listening to. The video has amassed over 77 million hits.

4. James Arthur presents Say You Won’t Let Go

Say You Won’t Let Go is a British singer who is also another X-Factor winner. In 2016 his song Say You Won’t Let Go took the number 4 position on the U.K. charts. This song is a slow jam that is filled with lots of romantic love and good feelings. This is a great song that is the perfect jam for men and women who are married, in love or who are just getting to know each other. While James Arthur has not reached audiences outside of the U.K. his song Say You Won’t Let Go should be a great preview of many more hits coming from this guy.

3. Rae Sremmurd presents Black Beatles ft. Gucci Mane

Hip hop group Rae Sremmund and rap star Gucci Mane are blowing up the charts with the Black Beatles. This song is a hip hop fiesta that is loaded with great lyrics and a danceable track. They released this song in 2016 and it continues to rock all the way until January. Black Beatles is a trendy song that has placed Rae Sremmund (and Gucci Mane) into realm of a top-notch musical performers. This song is going to make the early part of the 2017 new year rock.

2. The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk presents Starboy

Starboy is the Weekend’s song about getting even through his success. This song features the hit making group Daft Punk who creates the powerful track while The Weekend’s lyrics are catchy and well written. This song was released in 2016 and it slowly has been taking over the world by storm. In 2017 it ranks high on many music charts inside and outside of the U.K. Starboy is undeniably a great song that many U.K. people truly love.

1. Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie presents Rockabye

Rockabye is a great song that creates a reggae like atmosphere with its magnificent Caribbean sound. This song was released in 2016 and it continues to rock well into the new year. In January of 2017 it is rated at the number one song within the U.K. Rockabye is a U.K. based group that dominates the nation number one musical spot. They feature the Afro-Caribbean sounds of Sean Paul and Anne-Marie. This song is fun, light and moves with a great danceable rhythm.

These big January hits are the top 10 songs within the U.K. as of January 1, 2017. Many of these songs will probably jam well into the new year and continue to bring the same great music that people enjoyed during 2016.

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