Top 10 Best Trance Dubstep Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Trance Dubstep songs of all time 2017, Dubstep and trance are two genres of electronic music. Dubstep can be classified as having 140 beats per minute (BPM), with the drums at half-step and a sub-bassline. Trance, on the other hand, is euphoric in nature, expansive and quick, from between 120 to 150 beats per minute. Both genres have their fans, and yes, both are often heard in dance clubs across the country. Below are a sampling of some of the best trance dubstep songs today.

Top 10 latest new Trance Dubstep songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Trance Dubstep songs of all time 2017.

10. Purple City by Joker Featuring Ginz

Liam McLean a.k.a. Joker, is the man behind the dubstep, “Purple City”. Joker is a British record producer/programmer from Bristol, and is known to produce some of the freshest, hip and inventive dubstep and grime around. His own particular flavor is referred to as the “Purple sound”, and was made the king of Bass Music” in 2009, the year “Purple City” was released, featuring Ginz. “Purple City” is laden with crisp funkadelic leads, dashes of grime and sprinkles of distortion. All in all, a smacking good track.

9. Broken Heart by Martyn

Martyn’s’ unique style of dubstep is referred to by fans as ‘Martyn Music’. Martyn is a Dutch record producer and DJ, who is extremely skilled at remixing and layering his tracks. One thing is certain, he has a wide dubstep fan base because he refuses to be boxed in. The breakthrough that got him noticed, was his dubstep remix of TRG’s powerful track, “Broken Heart. Indeed, when you listen to this track, it is the haunting vocals, fresh beat that seem to drag you into it, along with Martyn’s trademark layering and arrangements.

8. Adagio For Strings by William Orbit remix by Ferry Corsten

William Orbit is an extremely prolific English musician and record producer. Orbit has sold over 200 million recordings, plus has won Grammy’s and other music awards. His interpretation of Barber’s Adagio found it’s way to DJ Ferry Corsten, who then turned it into a popular dance club track. Considered by many, classic trance, it has all the qualities of good trance, as well as the classical structure of the original.

7. You May Love Denis Airwave Remix by Simon O’Shine, featuring Eskova

If you are looking for a fluid and pleasant, progressive trance track to listen to after a long day at work, then “You May Love” by Simon O’Shine, featuring the vocals of Eskova, is just what you will be needing. “You May Love” is designed to take you from this world, into a restful place, where you can embrace your thoughts, and contemplate your awareness. This track floods the listener with an uplifting, positive melody, while transporting the listener to another world, far, far away.

6. Night by Benga & Coki

Adegbenga Adejumo, otherwise known as Benga, is a dubstep record producer from Great Britain, who discovered his interest in music from creating songs on a Playstation console. Benga is a prolific creator of dubstep and is well known for experimenting with the South London dubstep sound and incorporating East London grime. In 2008, Benga released “Night” with DMZ’s Coki, which was considered a cross over hit. “Night” is a track that takes you on an adventure of pure dubstep sound with a simplistic melody that flows from wistful to almost playful in nature, blending garage, funk and an echoing bassline.

5. Meera by Amine Maxwell

Amine Maxwell hails from Morocco, and is known as one of the best, and freshest record producers involved in trance. “Meera” was released in 2016 to rave reviews. “Meera” makes use of trances quick tempo, and almost reaches out to grab you and yank you onto the dance floor. This track is your typical trance offering, but its got that little bit of extra punch, with its compelling beat, swift tempo, wide basslines and plenty of groove. Built for the dance club floor, Amine Maxwell’s creation will excite dancers with its full force breakdown, and to the roof climax. A great track for those who are new to trance, and a classic in the making as well.

6. Archangel by Burial

Will Bevan, comes out of Britain, and was introduced to music as a child when his brothers took him out to raves. Bevan became a record producer that goes by the alias, Burial, and created one of the most iconic dubstep tracks ever: “Archangel”. “Archangel” quickly became his signature track, with its layers of bass, powerful drive, morphing into crisp percussion beats, all molded with finely crafted precision, into a most perfect dubstep track.

5. Our Darkness by Anne Clark

While many people are unaware of Anne Clark, her contribution to electronica is well established. “Our Darkness” is considered by many hardcore trance fans as one of the first trance songs ever recorded. By todays standards, “Our Darkness” may seem not very techo, but for its time, it was unique, experimental and historically significant in the history of electronica. “Our Darkness” Clark takes her original spoken word against the backdrop of up tempo synths and acoustic sax, creating almost a progressive ‘beatnik’ sound. For those of you into trance and electronica, explore more of Anne Clark’s work.

4. Sandstorm by Darude

One of the most influential trance songs ever created, is “Sandstorm” by Darude, a record producer and DJ from Finland. “Sandstorm” is off of Darude’s 1999 album, “Before the Storm”, and became an international hit and charting in several countries, peaking at number one in Finland Singles Charts, and has been used widely at sporting events, television and video games. “Sandstorm” is a catchy and memorable instrumental. It has a quick tempo, pulsating synth, and true to classic trance, no real melody to speak of, which makes it come off as highly futuristic today.

3. Age of Love by Jam and Spoon

One of the best pieces of trance out there, by German electronic team of Jam and Spoon (Rolf Ellmer and Markus Loffel). “Age of Love” was a trance single released by Jam and Spoon in 1990. “Age of Love” has been remixed many times by various artists, including Paul Van Dyk and Garry Creen, and featured in the film, “Human Traffic”. “Age of Love” has a new age tinge to it, as well as an almost space age feel with its layered sounds and repetition of cyclic beats, which make it almost psychedelic in nature. Not progressive, so no melody, just solid, basic trance to dance to or zone out with, together with a lava lamp.

2. Midnight Request Line by Skream

In one fell swoop, Skream entered London’s electronic urban music scene and just decided to change it forever, having part of the forefathers that created dubstep. Having much success in the dubstep music scene, his breakthrough track was “Midnight Request Line” on Tempa records. This track is all that you could ask for, sub-basslines, with a melodic sound you can hum along with. Indeed, it was “Midnight Request Line” that actually introduced a more melodic sound into dubstep. Considered a cross over hit, “Midnight Request Line” remains an iconic part of dubstep history.

1. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex featuring Rachael Nedrow

When you are talking serious dubstep, electronica, the winner is Skrillex. Tastes may come and go, but quality remains steady, and Skrillex has plenty of it. Skrillex, born Sonny John Moore, is a record producer from California, and was the frontman for the post-hardcore band, Fist to Last. One of his more celebrated productions is 2010’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” featuring the vocals of Rachael Nedrow. A genius with sounds, Skrillex developed, structured and created an emotionally charged track which has gone double platinum, as well as winning a Grammy for the Best Dance Recording. Great piece, and it’s our top track.

Not a bad selection of dubstep and trance tracks, based on popular opinion. Admittedly, electronica is not for everyone, but those who enjoy it, it’s flow, different tempos and styles, electronica is here to stay, and trance and dubstep will be there every step of the way.

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