Top 10 Trance Songs January 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Trance Songs of January 2017, Trance is a genre of electronic dance music which originated in Germany in the 1990’s. While it is a combination of many styles, the name is said to refer to the feeling of euphoria many fans get when listening to it, which is most likely due to it’s fast tempo 125 to 150 BPM, or beats per minute. Trance infuses a variety of musical styles, and combines them into a unique genre all it’s own.

Top 10 Trance Songs January 2017

Here we present the list of top 10 Trance Songs January 2017.

10. The Heaven’s Breath – (Eryon Stocker Remix) – Etasonic vs Laucco

“The Heaven’s Breath” is another uplifting trance track in our countdown. This stunningly structured and highly detailed track is strong, dynamic and uses a power drive to smash head on, addicting the listener to its high energy movements. Totally emotional trance that will have you wanting for more by sculpting soundscapes of mountainous passages and throughway’s, designed upon solid basslines and angelic lifts. An amazing trance track, I love it and heartily recommend it for first time listeners to the trance genre.

9. Downfall (Ruslan Device Remix) – Liam Melly and Mike Lockin

“Downfall” is a massivel piece of uplifting trance. By taking and weaving the classic components of techno along with distorted basslines, tribal drums, pianos in the break, choral vocals, this trance track guarantees to infuse you with electrifying energy as it surges into your veins and spreads throughout your soul. Uplifting to be sure, but there are shadowy, dark undertones which take the listener by surprise. Unique, fast, and vibrant, “Downfall” will sure to be heard at a dance club near you in 2017.

8. Parsec, Extended Mix – Craft Integrated and Naian

Progressive trance, is known as trance that features long builds, subtle breakdowns, all without the striking synths, and as such, Parsec is a true representative of progressive trance. “Parsec” is techno with a space age edge, as it’s build up crescendos to a quick and fast climax, reminiscent of a ship blasting off, heading into the unknown of space. This collaboration between Craft Integrated and Naian is a brilliant piece of progressive trance, and one that can center your focus or take you to the dance floor.

7. Sweet Dreams, Original Mix – Omniks and Divaiz

Progressive trance with a strong bassline which drives “Sweet Dreams” onward to a crescendo. Indeed, when you listen to the first half of the track, you realize it is a layering of a variety of different melodic sounds, percussions, which eventually will lead you to a break that reflects its Russian trance style. Emotive, stylish and bursting with effusive harmonies, “Sweet Dreams” is just that, a perfect trance song for those seeking a techno driven, uplifting, positive beat.

6. You May Love – Denis Airwave Remix – Simon O’Shine, Featuring Eskova

“You May Love” is a trance track that is smooth and satisfying, with Eskova’s vocals sweeping you away to another world. Relax with this trance track, dream to its graceful and positive melody. Totally uplifting, let the synths carry you away to thoughts of the beach, waves and smell of the ocean air. If you are in the mood for some good, progressive trance for 2017, then “You May Love” is the trance track that will hypnotically whisk you off to another world, into your mind’s eye.

5. W.A.H Original Mix, ReDrive

As we shut the door on 2016, we open it again with “W.A.H”, by ReDrive. Futuristic, cyberpunk, massive Psy Tech powerhouse. “W.A.H” stands for ‘We Are Human’, which is what this trance track soundscape centers on. If you want to start 2017 with techno psy kicks and basslines, twisted and distorted beats, weaving in and out of one another in a mass of musical threads, then look no further than “W.A.H’, a perfect combination of trace with dark undertones, with light over layer, all building to a great drop. Breakdown! This track is trance.

4. F..k Up! – Curtis Young & Bryan Summerville

If there is one word to describe Curtis Young and Bryan Summerville’s trance stunner, it’s: Powerful. To say this track is ‘energy packed’ would be to do it a disservice. The rhythms are agitated, and is designed to push you to make, to do, to accomplish, to move you out of a mental state of complacency, to one of self rule and power. All in all, a trance track designed to infuse the listener or dancer with intense stabs of energy. Well done.

3. Meera – Amine Maxwell

Released in December of 2016, Amine Maxwell’s Meera is a fresh, new creation from Morocco’s best producer of trance music. Meera’s driving beat and fast tempo will beg people to join in on the dance. Beat, rhythm, basslines and groove are all covered in this track. Club dancers will thrill at the breakdown, climax, drop, crescendo and fantastic pay off moment. This is an intense track jammed with vitality and energy. Pure trance, “Meera” is a classic in the making.

2. Before It All Began – Jake Terra featuring KARRA

Number 2 on our top ten list belongs to Jake Terra, featuring KARRA, and their stunning trance collaboration, “Before It All Began”. This track is highly representative of progressive trance music. KARRA’s vocals spark with a lively energy which is sure to cause a stir in dance clubs for 2017. The collaboration is well done, synced and structured to fit the trance scene while the vocals almost carry it into radios mainstream. Great track, worthy of attention.

1. Turbo Original Mix – Xgenic

XGenic are record producers from Argentina, and they have created a strong and powerful piece of hypnotic trance music that has all the ingredients for hard trance. Basslines that distort to the beat, euphoric riffs and vox samples that appear to sing to the angels. Breakdowns, energy and speed take to you an anticlimactic drop. Excellent drive and power. If you love trance music, this track will push you over the edge.

Trance, a journey into the emotional and psychological side of ourselves via music. Trance is addicting to some, great dance club music for most, and yet for others, psychologically and physically energizing. It’s multi layered musical construction is unique, powerful and at times, soft and angelic which not only serves the dance floor, but also periods of meditation.

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