Top 10 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best Father Daughter Dance songs of all time 2017, A father and daughter relationship is a very special one. The day when a father has to give away his daughter to her future husband is a moment to remember. To commemorate this happening and the newlywed woman no longer being daddy’s girl. We celebrate the wedding and this occasion with the classic father-daughter dance.

Below is the list of the very best father daughter dance songs. A special list of songs created to celebrate the life you had as your father’s precious angel. Now it’s time you move on and take your place beside your husband. It is a hard task to the perfect wedding dance song for a woman and her father. You don’t want a song that sounds like you had a romantic relationship, that would be creepy. Maybe, you weren’t ever daddy’s little sidekick. You need the lyrics to be just right while still being meaningful. It is not as easy to find a father-daughter dance song as it is other wedding songs. That’s why we stepped in to give you our list of the Top 10 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs of All Time.

Top 10 latest new Father Daughter Dance songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best Father Daughter Dance songs of all time 2017.

10. What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

A perfect oldie about the beautiful surrounding of the world. This makes a great father and daughter dance song for that very reason. For many fathers, their daughters are everything. The apple of their eye. When dads spend time with their darling daughter, the world and everything in it is a perfect, magical place.

Little girls look up to their fathers. Young girls consider daddy a super hero, a knight in shining armor. If life was only that sweet and simple. What a wonderful world it would truly be? When that little girl grows up and gets married. The father-daughter dance is viewed as the moment the father is giving those precious moments away. Only a fading memory. What better way to send it off with Louis Armstrong’s magical voice.

9. Child of Mine by Carole King

Released in 1970, Carole King presented “Child of Mine”. A mother and son dance song or a father and daughter dance song. The song portrays a parent telling their child how happy he or she makes them. How her smile can change the world no matter how bad it gets. Every parent should dedicate this song to their child.

8. Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole

Right here is truly an “Unforgettable” song that is sung by father and daughter. This is a true father and daughter song making well known that a father-daughter relationship is remarkable, irreplaceable, and of course, unforgettable. It’s not a romantic song, The lyrics are sweet and endearing.

Nat King Cole passed away decades before Natalie Cole sang this famous song. The moment was truly spectacular. Natalie Cole was live on stage while she sang “Unforgettable” as her deceased father was on screen singing the same exact song. This is known as a digital duet. It was a magical moment that few will ever forget. You had to see it in order to believe it.

7. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is a legend the country music genre. Released in 2006 ion his Greatest Hits Vol. 2. and ideal for the soundtrack, Flicka. “My Little Girl” describes a father telling the story of his beloved daughter’s life. Up until the time he is asked by a man for her hand in marriage. Although, he believes no one will ever be good enough for his little girl. As most fathers do.

Tim McZGraw gives this song his country boy sound, making us cry tears at how sweet it truly is. Perfect for the father-daughter dance at your wedding. It makes you wonder if it will be played at McGraw’s own daughter’s wedding.

6. My Wish by Rascal Flatts

“My Wish” is a Rascal Flatts hit, climbing the country charts to reach the number one spot. Written by Jeffrey Stelle and Steve Robson, Stelle said he wrote the song at the perfect time. His youngest daughter accused him of not ever writing any songs for her but always for her sister. Well, she got her song and boy, is it great.

A must have wedding song for different dances, especially the father and daughter wedding dance. It’s perfect. The song describes a parent telling his child how rough and tough the world actually is. HE wishes that she knows how special and unique she is. That she will make it and be a star. He wishes that she get everything she dreams of. That truly is every father’s wish for his daughter.

5. Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Released in 1962, “Stand By Me” has become a timeless classic. Extremely popular for wedding songs and for every other special occasion. Used for weddings for exceptionally simple lyrics, as the newlywed couple vows to stand by one another, no matter what.

Before Ben E. King collaborated with writers to sing his version of “Stand By Me”. The original version of the song was actually a gospel song. Another great reason to use it as a wedding song. Plus, a father will always stand by his daughter, always.

4. Forever Young by Bob Dylan

A timeless classic that makes an awesome song for a father-daughter dance at your wedding. Just picture Bob Dylan’s voice as your father’s telling you all of this. All that he hopes and dreams for you and that you will always feel “Forever Young”.

Bob Dylan recorded two versions of the song, one fast and one slow. Personally, the slow one makes a better father-daughter wedding dance song. Bob Dylan did say that his reason for writing this song was for his son. He was quoted saying that he was “thinking about”one of his sons but, “didn’t want to be too sentimental”. That being said, that is one reason this makes this a great song. Usually, slow songs about loved ones are romantic. This is far from it but, a true masterpiece.

3. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac is one of the great classics. Not many think of it to be the song that will touch their hearts during the father daughter dance. Yet, it’s done that for years and years.

Stevie Nicks wrote “Landslide” based upon her father her she loved dearly and her trip in the mountains. She actually wrote this song in a few minutes while in Colorado. Yep, she couldn’t see anything but mountains. The song is based on a father and daughter relationship. The lyrics are beautifully and touching. Basically. a woman telling her father it’s time to let me grow up and move on.

2. I Loved Her First by Heartland

Released in 2006, Heartland sang their hearts out making ” I Loved Her First” an instant hit. Girls everywhere fell in love with the lyrics, crying every time they heard it play. “I Loved Her First” is an actual father and daughter song making it absolutely perfect for the father-daughter dance at your wedding. It was hard not to place it in the top spot.

The lyrics of the song describe a father’s undying love for his daughter. The whole time the father is explaining to his son in law that he loved her first. Documenting her life from childhood till he saw them dance at their wedding. That’s when he finally realized she wasn’t his little girl anymore. A touching song that is a shoe in for the father daughter dance song at weddings.

1. Daddy, Dance With Me by Krystal Keith

Finally, a father and daughter wedding dance song from the daughter’s respective. I just couldn’t put my finger on what song would take the number one spot on this list. As soon as I heard this song, I bawled uncontrollably. Truly, it touched my heart. As I’m sure it will to any parent or child that listens stop it. Not only, fathers and daughters. It’s that heart melting.

Krystal Keith is the second daughter of country star, Toby Keith. She is following in his success and released her debut studio album in 2013. Krystal wrote this song specifically for her own father-daughter dance at her wedding. She wanted a song that was never ever danced to by a father and daughter. She succeeded and this song is a beauty. It has been said that all of her guests were crying but Toby Keith didn’t. He wanted to but, men don’t cry. Although, Krystal knows that it meant the world to him.

That is our list of the Top 10 Best Father and Daughter Dance Songs of All Time. Now you know just how special these songs are to the father, the daughter, and the artist. Each song was written from the heart. Make your wedding one to remember and for that, you will need the perfect father and daughter dance song. For it is a moment that you want to make memorable. Plus, remind your father you will always be his little girl.

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