Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest and best top 10 best First Dance Wedding songs of all time 2017, Your wedding day is one of the most important and significant events of your life. One of the most important moments of your wedding is the first dance. The first dance song has to be special. For it’s the first time the bride and groom will dance as husband and wife. The married couple’s first dance song is a song meant just for them. It can be slow, fast, country, or an oldie. It’s whatever the couple chooses for their first dance song. There’s no doubt, it will be memorable. Take a look below at the Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time.

Top 10 latest new First Dance Wedding songs 2017 2018

Here we present the list of top 10 best First Dance Wedding songs of all time 2017.

10. I Never by Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley has been a favorite band of mine for years. Their soulful, soothing songs fit right into the alternative/indie genre. Not quite as popular as many of the other artists who made this list. It completely took me by surprise when I saw the beautiful song “I Never” featured on many first dance wedding song lists.

Rilo Kiley released “More Adventurous” in 2007, their third album. It was named one of the best albums of the year and obviously features the hit single “I Never”. It is a true pleasure to place them on this list.

9. Love on Top by Beyonce

It should be no surprise that this successful star is on the list of the best first dance wedding songs. The problem was choosing which love song to put on the list. After much research and review. It’s clear to see that “Love on Top” is the perfect first dance wedding song.

Describing the way a woman feels about loving her man. What could be more romantic and meaningful? Not to mention, the catchy beat that will keep you moving and smiling while staring into your partner’s eyes.

In 2011, Beyonce performed “Love on Top” at the MTV Music Awards. She opened her performance by saying “Tonight I want you to stand up on your feet, I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me”. This was said and meant to what she revealed at the end. Opening up her shirt and exposing her pregnant belly. She gave birth to her daughter Blue Ivy Carter approximately 4 months later. Another memorable moment. This song makes you feel the love.

8. God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

This country hunk hit the spot when he gave us “God Gave Me You”. A romantic song that is perfect for newlyweds. The song simply describes how a person’s partner is there for a reason. God gave you that specific person to help you through life, love you, care for you, and just be there.

Originally, Shelton heard the song and knew it was the one. HE contacted the writer for it was a Christian rock song and history was made. Shelton said it was before his marriage to Miranda Lambert. They were going through a rough patch and this dance song was perfect for the first dance moment. Too bad their marriage didn’t last.

7. You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

A perfect mixture of blues and folk. This man put it down. Just imagine, grabbing ahold of your love, for your very first dance. You just move, looking into one another’s eyes and nothing else matters. It’s sensual and romantic and just that song.

Let’s not forget that even though this song was released in 2008. It is coming back with a big bang thanks to being featured in the newly released hit movie, “Bad Moms”.

6. Amazed by Lonestar

A classic country love, Lonestar has taken “Amazed” to the top of the music charts. People around the world know this song. Of course, it is another top choice for a couple first dance wedding song. Why wouldn’t it be? There are endless memories made when listening to this song. Including the first dance at your wedding. What memory can top that?

A fun fact about this country ballad is two of the writers who are now married were in the process of writing this song. As their feelings for each other grew stronger, the lyrics just started flowing out. The final result. An all time classic country ballad that is still one of the top love songs today.

5. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Christina Perri wrote and sung this song for the relationship between Edward and Bella in the hit movie “Twilight”. Christina Perri is a fan of the books as well as the movies. “A Thousand Years” is featured on the “Breaking Dawn” movie soundtrack. The song fits vampire Edward and Bella perfectly. Any couple who knows that their love is just as powerful as this couple needs to have this song be part of their monumental day. There is nothing more romantic.

If for some strange reason, you are not a fan of the movie or live in the dark and have no idea who Edward and Bella are. Just listen to the lyrics and your emotions will kick in. You will never find a better song to celebrate the love between you and your partner.

4. Make You Feel My Love by Adele

No wedding could be complete without the heartfelt, mesmerizing vocals of Adele. Her love songs are perfect for a romantic wedding song.

“Make You Feel My Love” is a cover of Bob Dylan’s 1997 song. Also, covered by Garth Brooks, it was one of many of his successful country hits. Adele’s rendition is beautiful, soulful, and hits your heart. It sparks a light that lovers need to feel. It is truly one of those songs that will make you cry as you are listening to it. With Adele singing it, it is even that more powerful.

3. If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys

“If I Ain’t Got You” was actually inspired by an unfortunate event. The tragedy of Aaliyah’s death. Keys has explained that it made everything real for her. It became crystal clear what matters, and what don’t. Who matter’s to you and who doesn’t.

The song goes on to explain a person who realizes what is most important to them. What would happen if they lost the one thing that they love more than anything? If you were to lose the love of your life?

“If I Ain’t Got You” is an immaculate tribute to your newlywed wife or husband. There is nothing more romantic and true. Plus, sung by Alicia Keys, you know it’s special.

2. At Last by Etta James

One of the most popular wedding songs of all time is “At Last” by Etta James. The lyrics describe finding your one true love and how sweet it is to finally have that person in your life. This classic song was recorded by Etta James in 1961.

Her others songs had the same blues feel yet the lyrics must more depressing and darker. Describing the challenges and obstacles that Etta James faced and some that she overcame. Luckily for her, she overcame a two-decade drug addiction. Etta James is a credited as a major influence to many female musicians.

1. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Without a question, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran is the number one first dance wedding song of all time. We love it, everybody loves it. It’s romantic, sweet, and a brilliant love song.

Ed Sheeran wrote this song for his girlfriend at the time. Even though, they split up after only dating for close to a year. After this success, I bet she wishes they wouldn’t a have called it quits.

Sheeran and his childhood friend, Amy Wadge collaborated together when writing this song. Sheeran’s album was almost finished and Amy was in a financial crisis so asked Sheeran to help her out by putting this song on the album so, she could get awesome money to pay her bills and such. Lucky for Amy, she will never have to worry about becoming behind on her bills again. What a great friend Sheeran is?

There is now way they could predict the worldwide success of this love song. Couples everywhere swoon when they hear “Thinking Out Loud” playing. Played often at proms, dances, special occasions, and weddings. This is definitely a song that is meant for making memories.

There you have it. The Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time. From classic loves songs to new chart toppers, all of these songs have one thing in common. All 10 of them are the best songs to dance your first dance as husband and wife. Now, you have to choose which song will be the first to dance to as a happily married couple. Well, we gave you the choices. Actually, the best choices. Whichever you choose for your special day, you can’t go wrong. Memorable songs for the most memorable moment of your life.

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