Top 10 Best Songs For Dance in Wedding of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Dance in Wedding in 2017, It is said that a girl dreams of her wedding. Although the day may look picture perfect and every detail meticulously planned out, the song may not be one of the thought of details-that is until she looks into the eyes of her groom. Although there are many songs that can be chosen for that special day, these ten songs are some of the best picks for that first moment when you debut as a couple

Top 10 Best Songs For Dance in Wedding

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Dance in Wedding of 2017.

10. You Are The Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne

This song is the lead single on his album Gossip in the Grain. It was released in August 2008. It peaked at number five on the Adult Alternative Billboard Charts. Although many of LaMontagnes songs don’t capture love at its finest moment; this is a catchy upbeat declaration that captures the elation a couple feels. When you marry someone you want to feel that you have found the perfect match. This song captures that essence in every verse. The catchy rhythm of horns makes it a great choice if you aren’t seeking a traditional slow song.

9. Beauty and the Beast – Celine Dion

This song was written by lyricist Howard Ashen and composer Alan Menken. It was released in October of 1991. Although this song is sung by a teapot (Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts) in the movie; it is still a lilting song about falling in love. Disney has long captured the traditional love story of a prince and his princess. It is the perfect feature song for anyone who grew up watching fairytales and had one come true.

8. You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker

This song was released and recorded by Cocker in 1974. It was written by three members of the beach boys; Billy Preston, Bruce Fisher, and Denis Wilson. Originally, it was going to be a B-Side on the Album Put Out Your Light. Nowadays, hearing Joe Cocker’s raspy voice sing is a staple at weddings. The word beautiful is one every woman wants to hear uttered. This stripped down song captures this sentiment in all its wistfulness.

7. At Last – Etta James

This is the title track of her first studio album. It was written and released in 1960. The album At Last! is responsible for four blues standards. However, this track remains the most popular. The song is a classic reminder that the moment of waiting for the right person has finally ended. The nights of going home alone are gone. You can walk off the dance floor hand and hand and feel elated.

6. Then – Brad Paisley

This song was co-written by Paisley with Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley. It was released in March of 2009 and marked his 23rd song to be a part of billboard’s charts. It made it to the top of the country charts. However, by year end it only made it to number 84. Nonetheless, the arrangement of piano and strings makes it one of many quintessential songs for a wedding.

5. Beautiful In My Eyes – Joshua Kadison

This is the second single from his 1993 album. Kadison himself described this song as “a love that just lasts forever, and you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.” The way this song describes forever with beautiful instrumental is an easy pick for the song you’ll look back and remember the first time you danced as man and wife.

4. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

This song was recorded and released in 1961; written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George Davis. It was a take off Plaisir D’Amour a song by Jean-Paul-Egide Martini. Can’t Help Falling in Love was featured in the movie Blue Hawaii and was considered the artist’s most popular romantic ballad. Although many artists including Michael Buble have covered this classic song, it’s Elvis’ voice that makes it the classic it is today. Love is something that can’t be quantified and for anyone who has fallen head over heels, at first sight, this is an easy choice.

3. Ain’t That A Kick in The Head – Dean Martin

The original was a Nelson Riddle arrangement that was part of Martin’s 1960 album This Time I’m Swinging! That same year he did a second arrangement for the movie Ocean’s 11. It has also been featured in several other movies including the Mel Gibson Film Payback. Although some of its roots may not be completely romantic, the sentiment of love catching you out of nowhere is what makes this song a worthy choice for a first dance.

2. Look At Us – Vince Gill

Max Barnes and Vince Gill wrote this 1991 country classic. It went to number four on the Hot Country Billboard Charts and number twelve on Canadian Charts. John Heely did the sentimental pedal guitar solo in the beginning which opens the sentimental, wistful song perfectly. Although it’s been covered by different artists including Deana Carter, it’s Gill’s version that is the most played.

The song is one that talks about a lifetime of memories you create with the person you love. It’s not one that starts at the beginning of the relationship but somewhere near the end. This is the beauty of the song. It’s a song made for weddings because it says in every word and every lyric “We made it”.

1. Come To Me – GooGoo Dolls

This song was released in July of 2013. It ended the year at number 45 and reached number 15 on the Bubbling Under 100 singles. When asked about the song Frontman Johnny Reznik said ‘”Yeah, when I look back on it now, the theme that really sticks out for me, or the thread that kind of runs through all the songs on this album is that life is moving really quickly, and I better get up, get out and live it before it’s too late.’ That’s what this song is about, capturing every moment. There is so much imagery about love and not taking any moment for granted; who wouldn’t want it played at their wedding?

Many times this is the first song you heard as a couple. Other times it is a song you searched diligently for to make sure that moment when all eyes are on you and your groom was perfect. Nonetheless, these ten songs are classics for a wedding.

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