Top 10 Best Songs For Engagement Dance of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Engagement Dance in 2017, ‘She said yes!’ ‘He just popped the question.’ There are many phone calls that are made after someone accepts a marriage proposal. An engagement party is essentially the dress rehearsal for the big day. These are ten songs that are perfect to play for the almost married couple.

Top 10 Best Songs For Engagement Dance

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Engagement Dance in 2017.

10. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Rumor has it that this song was inspired by Mraz’s relationship with Trisha Prettymen. It was first released at the start of 2013. It swiftly shot to #8 after 229000 downloads its first week. The singer’s own words sum up the message aptly describe why this song belongs on an engagement playlist ‘”As many of my songs are, I write for the purpose of understanding what the hell’s going on in my life, my position in the world, processing that lesson and that miracle that I’m learning,” said Mraz.

“Seeing it on the page, proving to myself that I understand the lesson, that I’m applying it to my life, and that I can move on. Ultimately it was about, you know, regardless of what happens in this relationship, I don’t have to give up on loving this person, or loving myself, or give up on whatever my dreams are.’

9. Just Say Yes – Snow Patrol

This tune was part of their greatest hits album titled Up to Now. The 80’s influence was very different than most anything the Irish Alt-Rock group had done up until this point. In 2010 the movie Leap Year utilized it for the trailer advertising the film. Although Lightbody once commented the meaning of the song is ‘loving someone so much that you get exasperated they aren’t showing the same amount of passion that you are.’, it highlights the give and take necessary to make any relationship a sucess.

8. I Need to Know – Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony released his fourth album summer 1999. I Need to Know was the first single. It was a co-write with Anthony Rooney. The sexy latin infused beat and the answer that the potential groom has to wait for makes this a great potential engagement song.

7. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

In 2004 an unknown artist made a huge splash on the radio. This song was the fourth from Songs About Jane. It is one of the groups more introspective, light-hearted pieces. It highlights the simple pleasures of being with the one you love.

6. Have I Told You Lately – Van Morrison

Van Morrison along with the Cheiftan’s recorded this song in 1995. It was part of the album The Long Black Veil. Although it is rumored to be about Morrison’s thoughts on God, the beautiful lilting lyrics and the all-important sentiment speak more to a love between two people.

5. Marry Me – Train

Save me SanFrancisco was the group’s fifth album. The song was written by Patrick Monohan (lead singer)and released in October of 2010. It made it to number five on the adult contemporary charts. The song is mostly about the fantasy of asking someone to marry you and hoping they say yes. However, so many times actually finding the person who you’ve been waiting for feels surreal. Monohan’s almost haunting voice and simple background make the song a romantic love ballad.

4. All I Want is You – U2

This song was written for Bono’s wife Ali. However, while working on another of the band’s songs Desire, it was The Edge who wrote the featured guitar part. Rattle and Hum was released in 1988. All I Want Is You is the last single from that album. Six years later it was the backdrop in the movie Reality Bites. There is a plethora of imagery that highlights the best of everything you want when you enter into an eternal commitment. Bono’s voice with only a few lilting parts makes this song pure magic.

3. All of Me – John Legend

In 2013 Legend released his fourth studio album, Love in the Future. The third single All of Me is much more a present love than a future wish. It was co-written by John Stephens and Toby Gad.With 12.3 million copies sold in 2013, it became the most popular song of the year. While talking to Fuse magazine Legend explained a little bit about the song:

“The song is saying things that balance each other out: even when I lose, I’m winning; my head’s under water, but I’m breathing fine; I give you all of me, you give me all of you. At the same time as you’re giving everything up, you’re gaining everything, and that’s what the whole song is about. If you’re in love and you connect, then even when you’re giving things up, you’re gaining so much from it.”

2. All My Life-K-Ci and JoJo

This R&B duo released this song on their 1998 debut album. The soulful song was a track from Love Always was the third single. Although it was written about for JoJo’s seven-year-old daughter it speaks to the entire spectrum of love. It was also a major hit for the duo. It stayed at the top of the charts for three weeks.

1. History In The Making – Darius Rucker

The songwriter Clay Mills and singer Darius Rucker wrote this song in 2009. Rucker was interviewed by The Boot and talked about the meaning. ‘This song is about those first moments [in a relationship]. Of course, the first moments are always great. It’s about that first moment when you know. My first date with my wife, I told her I was going to marry her. That first date.

That’s so corny when I think of it now – I was such a dork! But I did. History is about that moment.’ While watching the video you see those moments. So many times, a love that lasts a lifetime is based on one moment or a series of small moments when you realize this is my person. It’s a natural reaction to want to slow down and savor those details.

Although not quite as important as the first song any dance shared between a couple so in love they decided to make a legal commitment is one to be considered carefully. These ten songs are some of the best ones to think about dancing with your fiance.

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