Top 10 Best Songs For Jogging of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Jogging in 2017, Not everybody loves jogging or in any case running or even those who love running at some point find it difficult to press on.I would like to give you a suggestion, listen to music as you run this gives you the motivation to keep you moving no matter what the distance is either 3 kilometres or even 20 miles you will get to the finishing line.Although people have different tastes for the songs they listen at there are some songs that sound best to listen at as you work out.I have selected the best songs to listen at as you jog in the morning or whichever time.The following are top ten best songs for jogging:

Top 10 Best Songs For Jogging

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Jogging in 2017.

10. Eye Of The Tiger

The song was sung by survivor an American rock band .It was written by Frankie Sullivan Survivor guitarist and Jim Peterik keyboardist.The song was written specifically for Sylvester Stallone to be the theme song for Rocky III an American film.This song is the best when jogging or running,it gives you the motivation to keep going when you feel worn out.

Once you listen at Eye Of The Tiger while on a race,you will find it impossible to run without listening at it.Most people who listen at it while jogging with other people find out that the rest of the group punching and almost giving up easily.The next time you race listen at it and you will see the magic it brings,you will never get tired.

9. Lose Yourself by Eminem

It was sung by Eminem an American rapper.The song was written by Eminem and produced by him and Jeff Bass his longtime collaborator.An Oscar award was won for being the best song The song was cut from 8 Mile to show aggression.Eminem sung the song and showed in the movie a rapper’s anxiety and ambition that was going back and fourth.The song will give you the strength to run and aim to reach the finishing point.While listening at it you feel motivated and gives you hope,next time put it in your playlist and feel it you will never stop listening at it.

8. Stronger by Kanye West

The song was sung by Kanye West .In the song Kanye talks about the solution one comes about when faced with a calamity,in his lyrics he says ‘what does not kill him makes him stronger’.Try listening to the song as you run it gives you hope that at the of the race you will become stronger.It reminds you of the tough times that you have gone through and overcame the challenges hence make you to continue jogging.I bet if you listen to this song as you jog you will not feel tired but instead push harder to reach your goal.

7. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

The American indie Pop band,The Postal Service sung this song.From the lyrics ‘I hope this song will guide you home’gives you the interest to push on as you jog home.If you see yourself lagging behind put on the ear phones and listen to this song it will give you the motivation to press on .Even when you will see a steepy hill ahead of you,you will find yourself climbing with it’s motivation.Try it and let everyone know the trick.

6. Run TO you by Bryan Adams

It a song of a Canadian singer,Bryan Adams. The main subject is infidelity where by a man says that he will continue running to his mistress rather than his faithful wife.With the power chords,guitar solos,nice vocals and lyrics of him running to a woman gives you energy to run home especially those with lovers.When you see your pace lagging listen to Run TO you and enjoy your work out.

5. Keep On Running

The song was originally sung by a jamaican singer Jackie Edwards,she is also a successful song writer.Later on it was recorded by The Spencer Group and became a number one hit in the UK.The song has the best drum beats and two chord guitar riff.When running as you listen to the beats of the song they send you In a different world where by you enjoy the work out till the end.

4. Run The World by Beyonce

The song was sung by Beyonce an American artist.Beyonce sung it to give women strength through her message and also use a new sound and mix different cultures and eras.She tends to empower women to control the world.When jogging as you listen to the song you get the strength to jog and the anxiety to finish and go and run the world or do better things.Listen to the song and let it make you run.

3. Harlem by New Politics

It’s a song sung by New Politics a rock band. It’s one of the songs the best songs to listen at while doing a workout.The beats are superb with great chords that keep you nodding along.The song gives the best warm session during a workout.Go download ’Harlem ‘ and try it out on your next work out session and see the magic.

2. Applause by Lady Gaga

It was sung by an American singer Lady Gaga. It’s among the best work out songs because it has the best chords and lyrics that flow with a workout session.During a workout it’s easier to work out as you listen at it because you flow with the tune and get the inner motivation by enjoying the workout hence you can’t get worn out easily but get more strength.

1. Runnin Down A Dream by Tom Petty

The song was sung and co-written by Tom Petty. The lyrics themselves give you the motivation to start jogging when you don’t feel like for instance ‘running down a dream’.Maybe you are overweight and don’t get to see the results of the work out the lyrics encourage you that at the end of the day you will get to your dream or goal.You might see a hill ahead of you and you don’t feel like climbing it but get up and then find yourself home.

Music always makes a workout session enjoyable but also the songs that you choose matter a lot.Songs can vary in terms of beats,chords,lyrics,tune among other things.We have choosen for you ten great songs that can make your jogging session great.We hope you find yourself a playlist that can help you press on.

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