Top 10 Best Songs For Yoga of All Time

Checkout the below listed latest top 10 best Songs For Yoga in 2017, Yoga is one of the trendiest exercise and centering activities that people are doing these days. While the nature of this activity varies by each person that does it, it often centers on music. This can help you find your motivation, or help you to find relaxation throughout the process. For those that are looking for the perfect tracks to put on their yoga playlists, the below mentioned 10 songs are among the very best, combining both traditional meditation music elements and contemporary relaxation/motivation tracks.

Top 10 Best Songs For Yoga

Here we present the list of top 10 best Songs For Yoga in 2017.

#10. “River” – Leon Bridges

River is a peaceful and soulful song from Leon Bridges that can really help to set a specific tone for your entire routine. The instrumentation of this song is relatively calm and into the background. With this track low, it can almost seem as though the singer has no instrumentation at all. The lyrics of this song are about renewal and rebirth, which can be a very centering focal point for your efforts on the yoga mat as well.

#9. “To Lose Someone” – Taken By Trees

The instrumentation of this song is transformative and will easily move your whole experience to a different plane or place. If you can close your eyes and go through your motions and hold them to the rhythms of this song, you will soon lose yourself in the trance of the vocals of the singer and the conga drums mixed with a soft percussion kit. This features impressive stringed instrumentation as well, which can be very relaxing.

#8. “Sun It Rises” – Fleet Foxes

There is something really soothing about a group of people singing at the beginning of this track. The strong acoustic guitar throughout the entire song commands its own attention, but it’s the vocalization that really ends up stealing the show. Ironically enough, there is little about this song that steals the show at all, and it becomes a truly remarkable choice for your yoga playlist.

#7. “Coffee” – Sylvan Esso

From the very start of this song, it screams that it is nothing like what you are used to hearing on the radio or through other typical yoga tracks from albums made each and every year. While the vocals of the singer prove to be hypnotic in their own right, it’s the driving strange instrumentation through the entire song that kind of sends waves of emotions through your poses, and it finds a place inside of you that was missing this kind of music this whole time.

#6. “Look Up” – Chairlift

This song is off of the album Moth from the indie group. This two piece has created some truly unique percussion choices throughout this track, and then the vocals hit you. This driving vocalization seeps into your poses and pushes you to do them longer and to do them fully. This is a calming track, and yet at the same time it can prove to be motivational through the portions of the vocals that are almost yelling at the listener to “look up!”

#5. “Phoenix” – Laura Doggett

This music almost sounds like a score from an old detective movie, and then the vocals breach through the track and the sultry sounds of her lower alto voice bring a smoky feel to the whole track. If you weren’t in the middle of some of the best yoga of your life, you would swear that this song just moved you into an old time nightclub with a beautiful woman singing around a playing piano.

#4. “I Need A Forest Fire” – James Blake (Feat. Bon Iver)

This is a song that can really help you find your center and push you to relax and work through each and every pose with a purpose. James Blake does an impressive job with this song, that is so well suited for soothing yoga that it should be included on your playlist this very minute. The combination of the vocals between these two guys completely complement one another. Even though there are rather strange choices made in the instrumentation department, this is customary for all of the tracks on this list.

#3. “At Once” – Beirut

This is a great track for those that tend to find the better part of their center through the driving piano sound. The vocals don’t vary much from a very limited range, which is actually pretty helpful in keeping your focus on the task at hand and with finding a meditative side to your yoga exercises. This song is a nice background song that can keep you calm without drawing your focus away from what you are really there to do.

#2. “Tesselate” – Ellie Goulding

While this track was initially performed by Alt-J, Ellie Goulding really makes it her own in this impressive and powerful cover. While the artist is most known for her pop anthems, this soothing and simple track is such a perfect fit for your yoga playlist, it may have you thinking about all of her dance anthems as second best. The only part of this track that really begins to take a central focus throughout the whole song are the intermittent louder drums, and an amazing saxophone solo in the center of the track that really brings a soothing and chilling feeling at the same time.

#1. “Sunrise” – Norah Jones

There are few more soothing singers than Norah Jones. Her smoky voice shines through the track “Sunrise”, much like the event that the song is named for. This is a calming track that can really help you stay calm and focused throughout your entire devoted yoga time. If you can’t find any other great tracks that suit a calming atmosphere from the top tracks listed above, this a song that works great on repeat too.

Now you have been introduced to 10 of the best yoga songs that can help you stay focused and make the most out of this important activity. While each person’s style will vary, these should be a good introduction to some of the most popular options that exist out there for yoga music and help you to find the kind of music that aids you the most through the challenges of yoga.

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