Top 10 Workout Songs January 2017

Checkout the below listed top 10 new Workout songs of January 2017, It’s a brand new year, and time for those New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe yours is to get a new job, or purchase your first home. Maybe you’re resolving to buy a new car, finish school, end or begin a relationship.

Always at the top of the annual list for lots of people is losing weight. And losing weight requires proper nutrition and of course, getting some exercise. Not many people get real excited about hitting the gym, running, lifting weights and getting all sweaty. But with the right motivation, the task becomes a lot less daunting.

Top 10 Workout Songs January

We’re on board with you, and we’re here to help with the best workout songs of all time. The right soundtrack playing through your ear buds will get you motivated to grab that towel and hit the gym. So get ready!

Here we go, our picks for the Top Ten Workout Songs 2017 for the month January!

10. GET LUCKY – Daft Punk

From their album Random Access Memories, Get Lucky is a disco song which features Pharrell Williams singing about good chemistry and connecting with people. The huge hit has sold over nine million copies and reached top ten charts in 32 countries. Winning Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2014, Get Lucky is perfect for workout chemistry.

9. IRON MAN – Black Sabbath

Can there be a better workout song if you’re pumping iron? The iconic heavy metal hit by Black Sabbath is off their second studio album “Paranoid.” Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne said the song sounded “like a big iron bloke walking about.” Iron Man is about a time traveling man who goes to the future, sees the apocalypse and tries to return to warn people. During his return, a magnetic field turns him into steel and renders him a mute, and his attempts to warn of the impending destruction are met with scorn. This angers Iron Man, who exacts his revenge on mankind.


From the soundtrack of the 2002 film “8 Mile,” Eminem wrote and produced this hit to positive reviews by critics, who hailed it as his best work. An international hit, Lose Yourself topped the charts in 18 countries, and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2003, making it the first rap song to do so. Eminem also cleaned up at the Grammys, with additional awards from Rolling Stone magazine and the Recording Industry Association of America. Few songs help you forget the time as you sweat on a treadmill as this one!


In a 1994 Rolling Stone interview, Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain stated he was “trying to write the ultimate pop song.” He may have done just that with this 1991 hit from the album “Nevermind.” With alternating sounds of driving, slashing guitar riffs, and calm, yet dynamic verses, Smells Like Teen Spirit was Nirvana’s best performing hit, scoring on music charts worldwide. Time magazine referred to it as an “anthem for apathetic kids,” but we call it the perfect workout motivator.

6. EYE OF THE TIGER – Survivor

British rock group Queen rejected a request from actor Sylvester Stallone to use their hit Another One Bites The Dust for his film Rocky III. Good news for the group Survivor, who wrote this huge hit that took off on the charts when the film was released in 1982. Eye Of The Tiger stayed atop the Billboard Hot 100 charts for an impressive six weeks, and won a Grammy Award for “Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group With Vocal.” Ultimately, total sales of the song topped nine million copies. The eye of the tiger is what you need for your workout, so….here you go!

5. ENTER SANDMAN – Metallica

Possibly the greatest introduction to a rock song of all time, Enter Sandman sold a staggering 30 million copies, leading Metallica to international stardom. Released in 1991, the song details a child’s interaction with the mystical Sandman, who recites a children’s prayer to the boy, cautioning him to pay no attention to sounds under his bed. The introduction alone is enough motivation to propel anyone to begin their workout routine.

4. PARADISE CITY – Guns N’ Roses

From their first album Appetite For Destruction, Paradise City is a sporting event staple. With its lyrics “Take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty,” the song went to number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and number six on the U.K. Singles chart. Its powerful, driving beat and screaming lyrics motivate you to do one more sit up, push one more rep, run another five minutes, all the way to Paradise City!


Released in 1977 from their album “News Of The World,” Queen’s monster hit is a workout staple. An international smash, We Are The Champions charted in several countries, and was voted the “world’s favorite song” in a Sony Ericsson poll. A team of scientific researchers even concluded the Freddie Mercury-penned song was the “catchiest in the history of popular music.” Good enough for our workout routine!

2. Y.M.C.A. – Village People

Reaching number two on U.S charts and number one in the U.K. in 1979, Y.M.C.A. went on to sell over ten million copies worldwide. It is as if the song were destined to be a workout classic, as it compels the listener to make the letters with their body, as evidenced in stadiums and arenas all over the world. The hit even made it into the Guiness Book of Records, after 44,000 people danced to it along with the Village People at the 2008 Sun Bowl football game in El Paso, Texas.

1. PHYSICAL – Olivia Newton-John

Of course. This massive hit has to be at number one on the list. What else could it be? Originally intended for pop star Rod Stewart, the song shot out of the gate to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and stayed there for ten weeks, winning the Billboard Award for Top Pop Single, nominated for a Grammy and becoming Newton-John’s biggest hit. Working out is all about physicality, so this smash record has to be on your list!

Your workout routine doesn’t have to be all drudgery and doldrums, something you dread having to do. With the right motivation, a big bottle of cold water, and the right mix of motivational hits in your ears, you’ll be at it, on it, and done with it in no time. Now…let’s get physical!

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