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  • Top 10 Rap Songs in May 2017

    Top 10 Rap Songs in May 2017

    Rap songs or rapping is a type of musical form which is different and unique from the other types of music forms. Rapping involves vocal delivery through rhythmic speech and street vernacular. Rap Songs are chanted in many ways especially with musical accompaniment or over a backseat. Rap includes flow (rhythm and rhyme), content and […]

  • Bruno mars Top 10 Best Male Singers 2017

    Top 10 Best Male Singers 2017, Famous Right Now

    Music has become like a basic need in today’s society. Men have even went far to research the benefits associated with listening to music and found it it’s a remedy of stress reliever, reduces anxiety, elevates moods and can even decrease your chances of getting some chronic diseases. There many male music artists in the […]

  • Adele Top 10 Best Singers in 2017

    Top 10 Best Male & Female Singers in 2017

    Truly music is what they say it is “food for the soul “and this can be attributed by the fact that it makes you happy, it’s a source of motivation, lowers stress levels and depression, makes you sleep better, and elevates your moods. There so many musicians in many genres in the world today in […]

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