Nicki Minaj Top 10 Songs List, New Songs and Albums

Tanya Onika Maraj, popularly known as Nicki Minaj is a songwriter, singer, and rapper. The hot and provocative rapper is dynamic in music since 2004. She broke a record for being the main female artist to have seven songs all the while on Billboard Hot 100 songs. Minaj’s melodic and unmistakable voice excites each song that she sings and her provocative body, and interesting moving styles aggravate things even. The following is an audit of Minaj’s top 10 songs, and her latest tracks.

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Top 10 songs list by Nicki Minaj until 2017:

Checkout this list of Nicki Minaj top 10 songs of all time that are loved by the people all over the world.

10. ‘Minute 4 Life.’

‘Minute 4 life’ is another track from the ‘Pink Friday’ collection. The song includes another noticeable rapper called Drake. The song depicts two kids who seek to be rappers later on. The fantasies end up being valid, and they are cheerful to achieve the same together. ‘I wish that I could have this minute.’ ‘Forever, forever, forever.’ ‘Cause at this time I simply feel so.’ ‘Alive alive, alive.’ ‘This is my minute, I simply feel so.’

9. ‘Va Va Voom.’

The song is a solitary contained in the top pick ‘Pink Friday’: Roman Reloaded’ collection. The track is number five on the collection, and it is a unimaginable electro pop song. The song is one of the most loved move songs that Nicki Minaj has formed as such. ‘On the off chance that you need it I’m going to be, V ava Voom, Voom.’ ‘On the off chance that you got it, you got it.’ ‘You understood that blast, blast.’ ‘Va Va Voom, Voom.’ ‘In the event that you got it, you got it.’ ‘You understood that blast, blast.’

8. “Anaconda.”

“Anaconda” released in 2014 from the collection called ‘The Pinkprint.’ The song is prestigious to Minaj, as it is her most elevated charting song on the ‘Hot 100.’ ‘The fella named Michael used to ride cruisers.’ ‘D**k greater than a tower, I ain’t discussing Eiffel’s.’ ‘Genuine nation a*s nigga, let me play with his rifle.’ ‘And when we done, I make him get me Balmain.’ ‘My boa constrictor don’t need none unless you got buns hun.’

7. ‘Your Love.’

However another song from ‘Pink Friday’ is ‘Your Love.’ The rap anthem has an auto-tuned theme that is smooth yet at the same time holds the hip bounce groove. The song is initially from ‘No More I Love You’s,’ a tune by Annie Lennox. ‘You’re similar to a sweet store, and am a little child.’ ‘Discover me out of the loop, I’ll be in the stars.’ ‘Discover me in your heart, need your adoration.’ ‘Your Love, your love, your love, your love.’ ‘Baby you’re the illest, your love.’ ‘Your love.’

6. ‘Roman’s Revenge.’

‘Romans Revenge’ released in 2010 as a track on the ‘Pink Friday’ collection. The song highlights Eminem, an unmistakable and capable rapper who needs no presentation. The track is created by Swizz Beats and composed by Nicki Minaj, close by Eminem. ‘Like a cell mythical beast, similar to a prison winged serpent.’ ‘Roman! Roman!’ ‘Stop it! Stop it!’ ‘You’ve gone frantic, distraught, I let you know, frantic.’ ‘Take your mom’s notice, Roman.’

5. “Champion.”

The song “Champion” released in 2012, on the collection, called ‘Pink Friday.’ Nicki teams up with Nas, Jeezy, and Drake, who offer extraordinary vocals. “Champion” is a hip-bounce anthem that is in-your-face in nature. The song is about the musician’s tribulations and trials, and the ascent to acclaim. Nicki additionally pays tribute to her cherishing cousin killed in 2011, close to his home. The song crests among US hip jump and R&B computerized songs. The song is a “Champion.”

4. ‘Pound the Alarm.’

The song released in 2012, from the collection titled ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.’ The song is up-beat and techno-situated, and Nicki sings about having a decent time and celebrating the entire night. The song topped at position one on ‘Hot Dance Club Songs’ charts, which connoted Nicki’s singing capacity. ‘You know we getting hotter, and hotter.’ ‘Sexy and hotter. How about we close it down.’ ‘Pound the Alarm! Pound the caution!

3. ‘Pills n Potions.’

‘Pink n Portions’ is a track that released in 2014, on the collection called ‘The Pinkprint.’ The track is hip-bounce number containing R&B enhance song about cherishing somebody in spite of them fouling up. Nicki Minaj sings about the affection that she thinks about to parts and pills, due to how insane the adoration goes. She, nonetheless, says that despite everything she adores. She offers to like her sweetheart, regardless of the way that what he does is not elegant. ‘Pills and parts, am furious however regardless I adore you.’

2. ‘I Get Crazy.’

‘I Get Crazy’ is one of the songs contained in the ‘Pillar Me Up Scotty’ collection. After release, the song topped the charts in the ‘Hot Rap Songs‘ class, and the Hip Hop and Hot R&B charts. ‘You know it resembles when I feel truly insane, I simply get my floor brush and take off, I go genuine far away.’ ‘Young money, that is exactly what we do.’ ‘Ya know, I mean we wear straight coats, and we stay ya known in cushioned rooms.’ ‘And ya know, and take off.’

1. ‘Super Bass.’

‘Super Bass’ is another awesome track from Nicki Minaj released from ‘Pink Friday,’ in 2011. The hip bounce track mixes pop flavor and electronic in the whole song. The single is the best-offering in the USA, having sold more than five million computerized duplicates. ‘I said reason, you’re one serious person.’ ‘You’re similar to slicker than the person with the thing on his eye, gracious.’ ‘I Nicki Minaj, I mack them fellows goodness, back couples up and throw the deuce up.’ ‘Definitely, that is the super bass.’

Nicki Minaj’s New Songs 2017

Checkout these latest releases singles by Nicki Minaj in year 2016-2017

1. Anything

In her latest song, Nicki Minaj says that she can do anything, and she implies precisely that. She can do anything that whatever other artist can do, even what Jay-Z can do. The song as of now has fans cherishing it, a couple of months after it’s release. It demonstrates that Nicki is getting better with her music.

Nicki Minaj is known for various things. She is a skilled rapper who raps mysteriously, and that is constantly unquestionable. Minaj is a songwriter who composes fantastic songs, which we have all listened. She is additionally an extraordinary singer, which makes her have fans from everywhere throughout the world. Nicki Minaj is likewise known for her provocative body, which Nicki never neglects to uncover and leave every one of her admirers salivating. Her executioner moving styles empower her to increase gigantic fans, who cherish her tracks. All that said, Minaj is a capable musician, and in the event that you thought she was moving back, listen to her latest song titled “Anything” and simply be the judge. We adore you, Nicki.

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